Hi, I am Shirley Lasry.

I have a dear love and avid passion for unique, feminine garments and undergarments.
In 2011, after graduating from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, I launched my brand.

In French, ‘Petit Pois’ means peas. The idea of peas hiding in a pod makes me think of that which is visible and that which is not, that which is revealed and that which is hidden.
The concept of inside - outside defines my vision of style and fashion.

Petit Pois offers a wide selection of sheer, airy and flowing garments, uniquely designed to flirt with the under-layer and provide a glimpse of what lies underneath.

The Lingerie and Ready To Wear collections offer soft- colored palettes in mixed fabrics and textures, cut for a flattering, figure- skimming silhouettes and a feminine alluring look. The result is a harmonious and complete outfit, designed to intrigue and fascinate.

I believe that garments are like art creations, and that in the garment choices we make, we become the curators of our own private art collection.

I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy creating them.



We are a small, female-run business, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Our atelier is made up of brilliant women of diverse backgrounds and age groups who we have scouted from across the country, who are all united by a common drive and great passion and dedication for their profession, and an expert knowledge that never ceases to enrich us.

Over the years, a close, warm and caring relationship has been formed between us and we work closely together, with combined efforts and creative ideas to ensure the finest quality product, and the best overall experience for our customers.